Autophagy - GKI Glucose - Ketone - Index

Autophagy - GKI Glucose - Ketone - Index

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Well, hey guys, John DeHart your Keto Sensei. Nutriketo. Hey, I want to talk today about autophagy, I told you a couple of days ago we were going to send this out. And this is really a formula. I got this from just given credits and Kudos to the guys that deserve it. The folks at Keto Mojo. But this is a formula. Also doctor, Pompa talked about it as well. So this formula is really about therapeutic autophagy. You know, where your body is really, really blood glucose has dropped, ketones are up, and this is actually a measure where you can say, okay, where am I at in this whole thing? Where am I at in the scale? And so we've got a scale or a graphic that's going to go with this, that's going to tell you exactly where you're at once you use this formula.

So let me give you the formula. This is called the glucose ketone index. Okay? So you're going to have to be checking your blood glucose and blood ketones back to back, right? And so the first thing you want to do is check your blood glucose. That's going to give you a number. Then check your blood ketones. That's going to give you a number. You're going to take your blood glucose and divid it by 18. Okay. So I guess I should've probably laid some now, Cody, what was that 85? Let's say your blood glucose is at 85. Better yet. Let's go ahead, Cody. What was it? Okay. So if your blood glucose is at 85, that's going to put you at 4.7. And again, if most of the time where you're gonna start seeing those super low numbers, your body's going to be in a fasted state.

And that's what we're shooting for here. So this is during your fasting periods, probably day two. Day three, you're going to start seeing that blood glucose plummet and you're going to start seeing your blood ketones Jack Up. So what was that number again? 4.7 okay, so let's say then your blood ketone levels a millimolar are 4.7. So 4.7 divided by that was your blood glucose that you came up with when you divided by 18 right? You came up with 4.7 and magically your blood ketones are 4.7 so you divide that. You're going to come up with one. What you're going to see at one is absolute therapeutic autophagy, right? That that is the number that you really want to get to or below it. Let's say your blood ketones were 5.3 you know what you're going to see then is that number's going to be below one that's even better.

So the closer to one that you can get, the better off you're going to be. So again, the formula, real simple. Your blood glucose divided by 18 that's going to give you a number. You take that number and you divide it by what your blood ketones were, the millimolars on your blood ketones, that's going to give a number and the closer to one you are, the better it actually. Anything under two is considered therapeutic levels and so that's a great formula. Some of you guys are out there. We're in the middle of the tuneup right now. You're wondering, is this doing me any benefit? Documentation beats conversation all the time. So document your numbers guys, and let's see where you're at on the the glucose ketone index scale. John DeHaart, your Keto Sensei. Over and out.

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