Out of Carbs... What Can I Eat?

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Well, hey guys, John DeHart your Keto Sensei. NutriKeto! I got a customer question that came in and it's a pretty good one. So I wanted to respond to it. Um, the question basically was, I've already hit my 20 grams of carbs for the day, but I still have protein and fat leftover. What can I eat besides a butter and, what was the other one? Eggs and butter, right?

And so that's a eggs pretty good and I'm not gonna and, and both are good. Um, but yeah, so let's, let's kind of get into it a little bit. Um, so first of all, if you're keto adapted and you're not hitting your fat grams and you're not feeling like you need to chew your arm off because you're starving, nothing wrong with being lower on your fat grams. Why? Because for most people, the vast majority of people out there, they've got fat reserves right there, their body fat, so the body will convert that into ketones for its energy needs.

But let's say that you're, you're still hungry. A couple of ideas. Um, obviously if you're looking for fat grams, coconut oils, a great one, MCT oil, um, but even looking at some of the red meats, right? So if you start to look at, let's, let's keep it simple and just talk about hamburger. You know, a serving of hamburgers going to have about 20 to 25 grams of protein. That's going to be one of your patties and probably about the same amount of fat.

So you can really start to ramp that up. Um, if you take my advice, you say, well, John, I'm not really hungry. Um, so I'm just looking, but I need to get my protein in cause I don't want to have a muscle wasting. Um, you know, your lean muscle is the engine of your body. So that's really a number. And I'm not a big protein freak guys.

I, I'm not pushing for hundred, 200 grams of protein like some of the other guys out there. I think for the vast majority of people, 60, 70 grams of protein is more than adequate. And so, um, you know, going back into, okay, I just need to get some protein. You know, your, your tuna fish, um, your canned chicken, your chicken breast, that's going to be pure protein, no carb and no fat for the most part. So those are great options.

Do, and guys, let me just say this again. A a pitch for vegetables. Um, at NutriKeto , we believe in counting net carbs if those carbs that you're bringing in are from the vegetable strains, right? So Broccoli, asparagus, all of that. Um, so I don't mind somebody, you know, if you're counting carbs, make sure you're counting net carbs and you're including those vegetables. Where it gets a little bit wonky for me is when we start looking at sugar alcohols, um, phantom fibers that are in some of the bars that are out there.

Um, you know, the tapioca stuff, the that has, you know, really, really high fiber. Um, I get a little antsy about telling people it's fine to eat those. Um, but vegetables, I have no problem if you're, if you're going over grams of total carbs because you're eating vegetables and uh, you know, we're subtracting out the fiber and that bringing your net carbs down.

I'm perfectly, perfectly good with that. So hopefully that's a great tip for Ya. Um, loved the question and, uh, try and keep those carbs below 20, at least your net carbs below 20 guys, John DeHart, Your Keto Sensei, over and out.

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  • Lisa Johnson

    Do you offer any keto drinks with the BBH that has caffeine it it as well? Some companies call it charged.

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