BHB Pills - Truth Exposed - SCAM

BHB Pills - Truth Exposed - SCAM

 What is all this talk about BHB Pills? There was no shark tank deal and there certainly is not enough to do you any good. 

If you want to try our BHB with 10g per servings you can get that here: BHB Intensity

Also below is a video by Dr. Ryan Lowery where he really looks into the lies about the pills.


Video Transcript

Well, hey guys, John DeHart, your Keto sensei. NutriKeto.Hey, this one's kind of a public service announcement. I need to kind of preference this by saying, you know, we've got good competitors out there that make really, really good products. And I'm an ex wrestler, I love to compete on a level playing field. But sometimes products or companies roll around that are just simply scams.

I mean, there's no other way to put it. It's just, it's an absolute scam. And so I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about that. And I don't want to pick on any particular product here. We're just going to call it the BHB pills. So I don't really want to look at the label or anything like that. But I wanted to just simple math with you guys so that you understand what's going on here.

Now, when I say they're scam products, the reason I say that is because you're going to see a lot of these online Facebook ads and stuff like that. Claiming that they're on Shark Tank. I'm sure if you've been around the keto world for more than a month, you've already seen those ads, right? They're saying, "Hey, we're on Shark Tank, and this is the biggest funding ever. All the sharks went for it. They bought 25% of the company." Yada yada, yada. Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. It's liar, liar pants on fire. Because it never happened.

Cody and I just looked at an ad, I'm trying to open this by the way, but Cody and I have just looked at an ad today that claimed that Shark Tank was on there and they were using Lori, who happens to be my favorite shark by the way. I like Cuban too because he went to Indiana university like I did, but Lori is my favorite. And she got on this ad and actually posted, "Hey guys, we've never funded a diet pill or a BHB pill." And so right on their ad in the comments section and it was legitimately her.

So the bottom line is these are BHB pills, right? And so the BHBs are called the BHB salts. And typically, you will find three of them in a product. We have three in ours. So you've got sodium, BHB, magnesium, BHB and calcium BHB. Those are the three primaries. And that's what's in this product as well.

The problem is not with the BHB. The problem is with the amount of BHB that you would be taking. And so for instance, this product, it says take two pills and it's 800 milligrams of BHB. So I want to just kind of show you guys real quick, this is what two pills look like. Or one pill I should say. I guess we can throw another pill on there just to show you guys really what the amount is. So that's 800 milligrams.

This is our BHB intensity. And I just wanted to show you guys a little bit of the difference here in the quantity. So I'm hoping you can see this. So let's start BHB intensity. It's got three grams of flavoring in it so you can pull that out. But this is a 10 gram dose. And what they're not telling you, here you go, and there's probably still some coming out. But what these guys are not telling you with this product is what is an efficacious dose, meaning a dose that's actually going to work in your body. And that number is between eight and 10 grams.

So taking two of these pills gives you 800 milligrams. So if you're not too up on the metric system, it's pretty simple. 1,000 milligrams equals one gram. You're supposed to take eight to 10 grams for an efficacious dose, and this is 800 milligrams, which for two pills, which means in order to get an efficacious dose of eight grams, you would need to take 20 pills. They recommend two.

You need to take 20 to get any sort of dose that's going to put any sort of ketone bodies into your body. So again, it's not the BHB salts that are the problem, it's the quantity in this, in the pitch, that it's going to put you into ketosis. And it's not guys. This is, quite honestly, unless you want to take 20 of them, it's a waste of money. And I think they're what Cody? $45.00 for this bottle?

For three servings of BHB for $45.00, you're more than welcome to do that. But for my money, I would go with the intensity. Or there are other good brands out there too. Just don't get fooled by this kind of stuff. This is junk. Again, it's not what's in it. It's the amount that's in it and it's how they're pitching it that is absolutely deceitful. It's misleading. It's garbage. I'm not the only guy out there saying this right now. I just don't want you guys to get fooled at all.

So off my soapbox now, hope you guys are having a great week and we'll talk to you soon. John DeHart, your keto sensei. NutriKeto. Over and out.

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