NitroKeto Starter Pack - 10 Samples with Keto Course

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Perfect for Intermittent Fasting - Use these for intermittent fasting, which is a GREAT way to get and keep your body in the Fat Burning Zone.

Helps Curb Hunger Cravings - Designed with perfect (80f/15p/5c) Ketogenic product macros. Our products work great for a Ketogenic meal.

Real Food Product - Real food products mean no added hormones and our products are created with real food, you will see...

On The Go Keto - All products from NutriKeto are designed to help make a busy lifestyle simple and easy on Keto.

Keto Meal Shakes
  •  1 x Dutch Chocolate Ketone Shake
  •  1 x Vanilla Cake Batter Ketone Shake
  •  1 x Huckleberry Ketone Shake 
  •  1 x Orange Cream Ketone Shake (Seasonal)
Keto Cappuccino
  •  1 x Salted Caramel Keto Cappuccino
  •  1 x Creme Brulee Cappuccino
  •  1 x French Vanilla Cappuccino
BHB Intensity
  •  1 x Strawberry Lemonade
  •  1 x Cherry Limeade
1 x Keto NRG Supplement

        Fuel your body with only the best Keto Ingredients.

        In a world of GMO and processed “Franken Foods”, NK is committed to providing only “Real Food Products” not food like substances. We are also training people on how to turn their bodies into a “Fat Burning Machine”. You can see our fantastic ingredients on each product below.

        Amazing Ketone Shakes

        Introducing the world's first (LCHF) Ketone shake. The NutriKeto Ketone Shake is the perfect (80f/15p/5c) Ketogenic product. With 20 grams of fat (from 3 different sources), 7 grams of protein and 3 grams of carbs, the Ketone Shake makes the perfect ketogenic meal or a Pre/Post Workout snack. Available in 2 flavors, Gourmet Cake Batter and Creamy Dutch Chocolate the Ketone Shake taste fantastic and will leave you satiated for hours.

        Delicious Keto Cappuccino

        You've probably tried Bullet Proof Coffee now experience it's evolution, Keto Cappuccino! KetoCap is a (84f/11p/5c) Ketogenic product. A delicious blend of Organic Fair Trade Columbian Coffee, Coconut Cream and just a hint of Natural Vanilla, Keto Cappuccino is a bold and satisfying. KetoCap is a great way to jump start your day or your daily workout and promises to keep you full and satiated for hours.


        I loved everything! Made me feel great, and tasted so good, I felt like I was cheating! Mixed Dutch chocolate shake with mixed berries and unsweetened almond milk! Mixed vanilla cake batter shake with blueberries and unsweetened vanilla almond milk! So I had some amazing smoothies!

        Marci H.

        I absolutely love this shake!!! It holds me over until dinner time! I do intermittent fasting 17:7 so I drink this for my lunch just blended with ice and unsweetened almond milk on some days and it makes me feel full. Probably the best shake I’ve had!!!

        Amber S.

        This pack was great and a lifesaver as a newbie transitioning into the keto lifestyle. It encouraged me to keep going and it helped out when I had a sweet tooth.I was able to taste everything and get the perfect idea of what I did and didn’t like. I have already purchased a full size keto shake and I will definitely be buying again!

        Melissa S.



         Am I signing up to an auto pay?

        No we do not play those games, we are an honest company. You are not signing up to any auto pay, membership, or future recurring payments. If you find you love our products (which you probably will), you know where to find us.

         When will my samples ship?

        Most sample orders will go out in 2-3 business days. Samples are shipped via USPS and usually arrive 1-3 business days after they are shipped.

        How Do I Mix The Products?

        Because they are "real food" and don't have any chemically processed ingredients, they tend to need an electric blender to mix the best without clumps. 

         How much caffeine is in the Cappuccino?

        The caffeine content in the Keto Cappuccino is around 65mg.

         Are your products dairy free?

        Our shakes and cappuccino are not dairy free, we use a heavy cream. You can try our BHB INTENSITY product which is dairy free.

        How Many samples have you shipped?

        To date have shipped over 80,000 samples packs and customers are loving them! Try for yourself without having to spend $100's on trying your favorite flavors.

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