How To Break Your Fast Correctly

How To Break Your Fast Correctly


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Hey guys, John DeHart and your Keto Sensei, NutriKeto, a great customer question came in and, um, it's important. This one's really important because the question was how do you break your fast? And so, you know, we're not talking about intermittent fasting here. We're talking about, you know, a two or three day fast here guys. And I've got to say this, that when you come out of that fast, you know, really the benefits of fasting can be extended for days, if not weeks on end, if you come out of the fast correctly. Um, I'll just tell you a little story. Back when I was wrestling in high school, um, I had done an extended fast, um, you know, I think it was close to 30 days or so. And uh, I came out of that fast with a a dozen Dunkin Donuts and, um, let me tell you, I paid a horrible price for that.

I had a stomachache for about three days. Um, not the best way to come out of fasting, but when you're a 17 year old kid, what do you expect? Right. And so, you know, uh, I guess I could have been eating pie tods and, or tide pods instead. Right? But, uh, anyway, um, so coming out of that fast is really, really important. So let me just say this. Um, I recommend getting a little bit of fat, little bit of protein and some vegetables, right? And small meals, you know, coming out of the fast if you want to do, you know, kind of that grazing thing where you're not, because you know, the stomach doesn't actually shrink, but it feels like it shrinks, right? Because you haven't had food in a while. So if you eat a great big meal, you gorge yourself, which is kind of the natural tendency after fasting, right?

Um, you, you tend to have problems and not feel well. And so what I would recommend are smaller meals. Try and get your fat, try and get some good protein and get, you know, a couple of servings of vegetables and over of course, of a 4-6 hour period, maybe have another meal. And so, and then go right back into, um, especially if you're on your weight loss journey, you know, you have that meal and then go back into your intermittent fasting. So again, you're 16 or 18 hour, non-eating window and then into a, you know, an eight hour, six hour eating window. That's what I recommend. That's worked really, really well for me when I've been doing heavy fasting. And so I hope it works well for you. John DeHart, your Keto Sensei, NutriKeto, over and out.

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