Hitting The Fat Burning Zone

Hitting The Fat Burning Zone



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"Well hey guys, John DeHart your Keto sensei, NitroKeto. Today I want to talk about working out, and  doing it a little more scientifically. So really starting to dial in on your heart rate, your maximum heart rate, and then your heart rate for fat burning zone. And so the first thing I'm going to recommend guys is that you get one of these. I don't care if it's an Apple watch, Fitbit, something that is going to tell you what your heart rate is, your steps per day, all of those sorts of things. So that's the first recommendation.

Let's talk about, max heart rate. So the, the working formula, if you guys don't know is going to be 220 minus your age. That should be your maximum heart rate. And, and guys I've kind of put this one to the test a little bit.

When I was younger, competitive big ten athlete. My heart rate would go probably 205, 210 max. Iit was hard to tell, because we were just you know, doing this with a stop watch for six seconds. And believe it or not, we were in good enough shape that in that six seconds time, or actually it would be ten seconds, by the time the coach said stop, forget it, and then go. Um, we'd already started recovering a little bit. So that heart rate would actually start to drop.

So basically again, you want 220 minus your age. And so, and what I've noticed guys is that's pretty accurate. You know, in today's world, I'm 55 years old. So 220 minus 55, is 165, and you know 165 to 170 is about all I can push my heart rate to these days. Where when I was younger, it was you know 210, maybe even a little bit more than that.

And so that's your max heart rate. And so why, where does that come in? That comes in if you're doing your high intensity interval training. Hit training, right? And so if you're really pushing that envelope, you want to push it up to the number, and then recover for 30 seconds to a minute. And then push it up to that number, and recover 30 seconds to a minute. That is great, great, great anaerobic training.

Aerobic training, so this is the fat burning zone. Right? And so basically what you want to do when you're calculating your fat burning zone, is you want your max heart rate. So again for me, it would be 165 times .70, so or times point seven. So 70% of your max is considered to be the fat burning zone. So whatever that works out for you. And again guys, you know what we want to do is just maintain that. Right?

And so typically for most people if you're walking, that's going to be a heart rate that you can typically carry on a conversation with somebody. Right? If you can't, you're getting too winded. You're probably pushing a little bit too hard.

But guys again, the let's take the guesswork out of this. Get one of these babies right here. Right? So that, that you know where your heart rate is. And it's going to tell you how long you stayed in there. It's going to tell you how many steps you had. It's a great tool. You know documentation beats conversation all the time. So be able to document that.

Just a little training time for you guys. I hope you find it useful. John DeHart your Keto sensei. NitroKeto, we'll talk to you soon."

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Mar 08, 2019 • Posted by Deborah Thompson

Thanks for the tip! I have a Fitbit and walk/sprint 3 days a week. Good to know that I’m heart rate is right on the money during sprints. I’m a healthy 68 thanks to

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